WEΛTHER is a little experiment that started in 2011 to see if there was a more useful way to find out the weather. Sometimes you need a detailed report, but most of the time you just want to be dressed for the day’s weather. What if you could find out the weather and get ideas for what to wear at the same time?

A little app to start the day with a smile.


Jacob is an independent designer based in New York City and his backpack.

Jack is tall, half-Canadian, and, as of recent, a New Yorker.

Michael lives by the beach in Australia so he doesn't need weather reports.


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Thanks to our contributors for their good taste: Eiko and Courtney.

Credit to the team at Svpply for their early support. The original app sourced products from there, hence some of the visual references.

©2013 WEΛTHER, an XXIX jam.